Our company, which started its activities in the sale of veneer and timber in a small workshop in 1962; Our founder Mr. With the knowledge and experience of Mehmet Hayri SAĞLAMCI, he achieved successful gains in a very short time. The next generations, following in the footsteps of Mehmet Hayri Sağlamcı, further strengthened the company with new investments and turned it into a strong company in which approximately 700 people are employed.


Sağlamcılar A.Ş continues to work with its qualified personnel in order to “be the best” and “stay the best”;


Using the experiences and knowledge gained in the sector; It started its production life under the name of MASPOWER and in a short time it became an organization that directs the sector in pvc cover production.



Since the year, it has added wood-coated covers and lacquered covers to its production.



In addition, in 2009, it expanded its production line by including the door production in this process with the MASDOOR brand.


The DOLICHE brand has become an integrated facility with the production of all kinds of furniture and accessories that a house may need.


With MASDESIGN BRAND, it is the main goal of masDesign to realize all kinds of personalized design, project, production and application stages with the employer.

All possibilities of advanced technology are used in the production process to complement the company’s superior quality principle. In addition to these, our “Research and Development” (R&D) team is constantly working to catch the fashion of today and tomorrow.

Sağlamcılar A.Ş has a production capacity of approximately 1.000.000 m2 membrane cover and 125.000 doors per year.

It is an organization that follows technological innovations, constantly renews and strengthens its production line, maintains its excitement, and integrates quality with the product with its young and dynamic staff.

Today, our company has managed to make a name for itself both in Turkey and abroad with its 45.000 m2 production line and 700 employees.

SAĞLAMCILAR ORMAN ÜRÜNLERİ A.Ş, with its customer-oriented working system, tries to intervene to customer demands and problems in a timely manner and to ensure the smooth operation of all the above-mentioned stages with its Quality Control system.