Starting with the sale of veneer and lumber in a small workshop in the sector in 1962 Sağlamcılar Orman Ürünleri A.Ş  “To be the best and stay the best ” Based on the principle of principle, it has grown in a short time with the determination and experience of its founder Mehmet Hayri SAĞLAMCI. Using the experiences and knowledge gained in the sector in 2004; MASPOWER has started its production life under the brand name MAS PVC KAPAK With its production, it has become an organization that directs the kitchen sector in a short time.

In 2007, it created a fully automatic production and dyehouse line equipped with a high technology and brought its quality line to the top. It has added MAS LAKE COVER and Wooden Covered Cover types to its production.

Sağlamcılar A.Ş approximately 800,000 per year square metersmembran kapak and 125.000 square metersWith its young and dynamic staff, who have the capacity to produce doors, follow technological innovations, constantly renew and strengthen the production line, and maintain their enthusiasm, they continue to work to catch today’s and tomorrow’s designs. 45,000 square meters  With its closed production line and 850 employees, it has managed to make a name for itself both domestically and abroad.